Wednesday 26 October 2011

Impressions from Basel

This morning the boys and I went for a stroll through the old town of Basel. The Rhine feels so different here than at home - a lot narrower and calmer. 

I enjoyed exploring the beautiful cathedral and buying fresh produce at the market outside the stunning red town hall. Only the prices made me flinch ;-)

The boys' feet got tired after a while so we boarded the old green trams. I felt transported back in time watching the beautiful architecture from aboard the old rattling streetcars.


(images: Nina Lamb)

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Home away from home

Helloooo???? Do you remember me? Sorry for the long absence. Things have been beyond crazy around here. We are due to move out in three weeks and instead of packing up we are on a quest to travel to as many places in the shortest space possible - mainly to say goodbye to friends and family scattered around Europe and also because there is a sense that once we're back in good old New Zealand we'll be kinda stuck there for a while because lets face it - it's a long and expensive way from anywhere else...

Today I want to share a great website which provides an alternative to staying in boring hotels. Airbnb is a global network of accommodation offered by locals. Living in someone's home while visiting New York, Shanghai or London is the closest thing to feeling like a local and really getting a feel for a place don't you think? 

What do you think? Could you imagine renting any one of these apartments while on holiday? Each home has so much personality and I would love to imagine what kind of person lives there. How much fun would it be slipping into these people's lives for a few days - drinking coffee in their local cafe, looking through their book collections and taking home ideas and inspirations for your own home.

Next time I will give you some updates on our big move and until then I will be exploring Basel in Switzerland - while my husband is here for a conference. 


(images: airbnb)

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