Saturday 12 November 2011

And we're off... almost

Hello friends! I am sitting in utter chaos with boxes piled up around me. Our shipping container arrives in a few days and then it's only a few weeks until we board our plane to New Zealand.
Although I should be getting pretty experienced with moving countries - this time feels quite different. 
With two kids in tow the whole effort of moving turns into a logistical mammoth exercise. 
How did we accumulate so much stuff after only 2 1/2 years in Germany? 

People keep asking me how I feel - quite honestly I don't think I even have time to feel anything right now. Everything will probably sink in when I take my seat on the plane and finally stop moving for 24 hours. 

I am really looking forward to all the new opportunities in New Zealand. Moving into a new home is really exciting and I can't wait to create a home for my family once again.

I will of course keep you all up to date with our progress of finding a house in Christchurch. Which in itself could prove to be quite a challenge but one I am more than happy to tackle head on.

(images: Nina Lamb)

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