Thursday 25 October 2012

Niki Jones

I received Niki Jones' new season catalogue today and had to share some of the exquisite images with you. Niki Jones has created a unique collection of home accessories fusing traditional craft techniques with a modern aesthetic. Trained in textile and industrial design, she has previously worked at Habitat before launching her own company.

I love the fresh yet traditional feel of the textiles. I am determined to add a hint of citrus in my home this summer and the cushion above is just simply perfect. 

The Niki Jones collection does not just include home textiles and vintage quilts but also selected furniture, decorative accessories and mirrors. You can view the full catalogue here.


(all images: Niki Jones)

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Bedroom sanctuary

Some people's bedrooms are a calm sanctuary, mine in all honesty is usually a complete mess. I have an inability to put clothes away and they end up all over the floor and bed. I must have always been like that as I remember my mother regularly threatening to throw everything out the winder. My poor husband has reluctantly gown used to it - but that's ok because it's really the only flaw I have (hahaha).

Since I have started studying again our bedroom also functions as my office and I have a little desk set up in there. I found it hard to concentrate when the room is messy, so now I just throw everything into my wardrobe before I sit down in the mornings - easy!
You might recognise the painting from our lounge in our old apartment in Germany here
I do like it in our bedroom as it's very soothing. Another bonus is that a canvas on your head at night during an earthquake hurts less than a wooden picture frame. Got to keep these things in mind around here :-)

I have only one more week to go until the Uni semester finishes and will hopefully have some more time to visit this space. I have also been busy sewing up a storm - my bump is growing by the day and these maxi skirts are a lifesaver. I whipped up three yesterday - so easy. 


Monday 1 October 2012

Some {spring} changes around home

With the days getting longer and the temperatures rising I felt like a bit of a change at home - my grey cushions have been replaced with light pink ones and I have re-arranged a few things around the lounge. What better opportunity than the change in season to keep things looking fresh.
The window seat has been a recent project. Originally dark brown, I painted the seating area white and made the black & white blind. I am still planning on covering the seat with a large cushion but really don't want to spend a fortune on foam & fabric as this is a rental home. I am pleased with the temporary fix though. It us such a great spot to snuggle up with the kids and read to them. 

I hope you have a wonderful week. The boys are on holiday from kindy for the next two weeks and we have lots of exciting adventures planned. I am working on a teepee at the moment - I will share some pictures when it's ready.


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