Thursday 14 April 2011

Cox & Cox

I've come across a wonderful (new to me) online shop that I simply had to share with you. Have you heard of British company Cox & Cox?

Set up by Fiona Cox and Lizzie Thornton-Allan in 2001, the company has since grown into a brand known to provide customers with unique and individual products that have a nostalgic and retro feel.

I absolutely adore their styling and product shoots for their Spring 2011 catalogue. 

Their philosophy of "having nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" really resonates with me (though in reality I am having some troubles with that being married to a bit of a magpie).

Well, let's look at some of their useful AND beautiful products...

  • I like the idea of displaying precious things under a glass bell jar - and how lovely is that white butterfly sitting on the shells?
  • Scented candles - one can never have enough of those.

  • Those travel gift tags are beautiful and a great addition to any gift
  • Keep your ribbons and string under this glass jar as a nice display
  • Most people have a collection of odd buttons, why not keep them all in a nice container
  • Stamps provide such a quick and simple way to make a unique card 

P.S. Cox & Cox ship internationally in case you were thinking of moving to the UK :)


(images: Cox & Cox)


Jennie Prince said...

Cox & Cox is so lovely! I requested a catalogue from them during the holiday season which I saved for inspiration because it was too pretty to through away. =)

Jane said...

Ah, Nina! They're one of my absolute favourite online shops. I'm actually awaiting a little delivery now! J x

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