Wednesday 1 June 2011

German Cherry Crumble Cake

I have just finished making my grandmother's cherry crumble cake (to take to a friend for german Kaffee und Kuchen) and thought I'd use it as a model to try out my new camera lens. If you feel like making one yourself, I have included the recipe below. It is super easy - even for a hopeless baker like me :-)

Here's what you do: Mix the yeast with half the flour (200g) and the warm milk. 
Leave covered for about half an hour. 
Then add the rest of the ingredients and knead 
the dough so it has a nice elastic consistency. 
Leave to rest for another 30 minutes and roll it out on a large tray. 
Cover it with the cherries. 
Now mix the ingredients for the crumble and add on top. 
Leave everything to rise again for 30-60 minutes 
(depending on your room temperature).
Bake at 200 degrees celsius for 30 minutes or until the top has a nice colour.

This same recipe works really well with apples too. Just replace the cherries 
with about 1 1/2 kg of sliced apples.

Best eaten with lots of whipped cream!


(images: Nina Lamb)


Tesca said...

Hhhmm sieht richtig lecker aus. Hätte auch gerne ein Stückchen...Die letzten zwei Fotos gefallen mir besonders gut. Was für eine Kamera ist denn deine neue? Überlege nämlich auch gerade, mir eine Zweite zuzulegen, wäre über Tipps dankbar!
LG Tesca

Jane L said...

Oh I must try this. Your photos are lovely, so fresh and summery.

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