Wednesday 26 September 2012

I'm back!

helllooooo! I am back and I have certainly missed this space and my blog break turned into a rather long absence. Will you believe me when I say I have been busy?

My last post was in May, and we were just heading into winter. I can't blame you for wondering if I had gone into hibernation :-) Turns out I have done quite the opposite, I started working part time, enrolled in postgraduate studies at University AND created another little human being which if all goes well will be joining our family in early January.

The New Zealand winter has been mild but felt long nonetheless. I am excited about spring and noticed that I have been taking a lot more photos now that the days are getting longer and the light is all that much brighter. 

With life so busy I felt that one thing had to give and it was this space - now that I have settled into a routine and things are ticking along nicely I feel ready once again to devote time to my own blog and of course to my dear reader's blogs as well - something I have been missing very much. 

I have so much to show you and I hope you will once again join me on my journey.



Planet Hibbel said...

Schön das Du zurück bist. Ich freu mich auf News und schöne Bilder aus Neuseeland. Grüße aus dem regnerischen Deutschland, Frau Hibbel

Miss JennyPenny said...

Welcome back! Ich freu mcih auch wieder von dir zu lesen!

Liebe Grüße von Jenny

Dania said...

Schön von dir zu lesen! Wie gut ich dich verstehe, mir geht es mit meinem Blog im Moment ähnlich. Alles alles Liebe dir und der sich vergrößernden Familie!

Jane L said...

Wonderful to see you sharing your thoughts and beautiful photos again.

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