Friday 13 May 2011

Children's Rooms

How, looks like we are back up and running. Wouldn't have surprised me if blogger had asked everyone to pay up to have their site back online :-)

Would you like to look at some kid's rooms with me? 
I have to admit that our boy's room has been a little neglected in terms of design. It's very functional but I would change a million things if we were staying in this apartment a little longer. My boys are sharing a bedroom and that works beautifully. 

How cool is the first room? I know my boys would love a castle themed room and a little secret hiding place behind the door. I always think the nautical theme works well for boys rooms, but done in a subtle way like in the third picture. 

I would love to one day have a girl and know I would probably end up making it quite a girly space without turning it into barbie's room. I like the subtle hints of pink in the last photo and adore the overall look of the first photo. 

Having children share a room can throw up all sorts of challenges, especially when space is limited. So far I have my older boy in a single bed and the younger one still in his cot but I do like the idea of bunks, as they are a huge space saver. 

These photos have inspired me to update the boys room a little by using soft furnishings rather than investing in new pieces. I'll keep you updated.


(images: 1st Option)


Jane L said...

I like the idea of a girls room ! Two little people I was talking to tonight were debating the arrival of a new brother or sister. When the idea of a baby super-hero figure was put forward by the boy, the little girl said " I think it will we just be normal, Like us!"

Murray said...

beautiful photos nina, just one question: have any of the children who live in those rooms been allowed to select anything themselves for the room? I can't see the lego, ghastly my-little-ponies, miscellaneous plastic knick-knacks or crayon drawings anywhere, and those things sure as hell make a mess of my attempts at prettyfying my kids rooms. we're keeping it real down here, which is my way of saying: I have no control ;)

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