Tuesday 10 May 2011

DIY Letter Art

This DIY project was inspired by the lovely Nina Holst over at Stylizimo. Being of the impatient kind I love projects that take an afternoon or less. 

I really like letter art around the home but am always staggered at the cost. I thought an X would be a simple start and I used some leftover wood that had the right width. I simply cut it on an angle, glued it together and painted it white. 

Now the only thing left is to forever justify to my husband why we have the letter X on our dining room mantle :-)

On a hunt for a Mother's Day gift for my own mum I came across these lovely ceramic vases with delicate detailing. I simply had to pick up two for myself. 


(images: Nina Lamb)


Unknown said...

That came out great and I love your little vases!

And perhaps you can tell hubby the X stands for eXcitement? eXtraordinary? eXcellent?? All 'x's that describe a good life! ;)

Tesca said...

Love your DIY and I think the X can stand for so many things. Maybe for you and your husband, as being two I's for individuals, who both combined are an X... Tatahh!
Grüße von Tesca

Nina - Living In said...

Thanks ladies, love those suggestions!

Jane L said...

Just tell him it stands for a BIG kiss !
I love those vases too.

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