Wednesday 25 January 2012

Interior Inspiration

This morning my heart skipped a beat when I stumbled across this amazing home on Pinterest. I simply had to share it here with you - this truly reflects my style at the moment and if I could, I would move right in and not change a thing (for a little while at least).

There are certainly elements in this home that I can use as inspiration for my own space - despite not having beautiful white floors, TineK products at my disposal 
and a general lack of funds due to our big move.

Want to come along on this little tour?

I have my eye on a moroccan tray table like this one - the challenge will be finding one here.
The TineK lampshades are also a favorite and I will try and have a go at making one myself.

I like the softness that the pink cushions lend to the space and the organic elements 
in form of the pot plants and cane baskets.

I am keeping an eye out for a display cabinet for our dining area - unfortunately it's is really hard to get a bargain on used furniture here - even those that are crying out for a re-paint.

The picture wall above is really lovely. I am looking into framing some black & white photos of mine and displaying them in the lounge above my white cabinet. Using the same style of frames keeps it from looking too busy.

Kitchen: let's not go there. My current kitchen is so terrible the only thing that would remedy it is a sledge hammer :-) 

I do like the mother-of-pearl shells along the shade - an easy diy project.

What do you think? Is this to your taste? 
I'd love to hear.



Jane L said...

Lovely, but I'm sure you will soon have your home looking every bit as stylish !
[I even spotted some small brown tiles in this home's kitchen :-) }

Carla @ Inside Home Living said...

Oh yes this is very much my taste, love it. I also love that i just found your blog (via your comment on the happy home) it's very 'me'. I have just moved house too! It needs a lot of work and I have already started to enjoy decorating it, I am blogging about my renovations, decorating and everyday living! Look forward to more inspiring posts!

ALEXandra said...

Wow, toll !!
DANKE für die schöne Inspiration!


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