Monday 23 January 2012

A little peek into our new home

Thanks so much for stopping by. 
I have really missed this space and can't wait to get back into regular blogging 
once my life is a little more settled. 

We still have boxes everywhere and life is pretty crazy around here. I have been interviewing for a job and looking at daycare options for the boys. My main priority however will always be creating a warm, comforting home for my boys to grow up in. They just absolutely love our new house with it's big "jungle" garden to explore. I will take you on a little garden tour soon but for now I will give you a little sneak peak into our home.

I still have a million things to do here but I enjoy creating little corners in the chaos that make me feel happy when I walk past. 

This weekend I swung the paintbrush and transformed an old bookcase, a mirror and a vintage suitcase I found in my mother-in-laws garage. It's the perfect place for our DVDs and the best thing is the boys can't open it - yet. 

Yesterday I went into the city centre for the first time and was blown away by the worlds first container mall that has been put in place where Christchurch's main shopping street once was - prior to the earthquake. I will post some pictures on here as soon as I can.



Unknown said...

You could have fooled me - it seems like you are all settled! You have successfully created some nice comfy corners in your new home! I love the suitcases - I have some vintage suitcases from my mom (with her initials on them) that I use for storage as well. Cute pillows. You are well on your way!

Cheers, Cyndi

Unknown said...

I love your pictures. Especially picture No. 3. I´d like to have a library.
Hugs from Germany,

Dania said...

Dear Nina,
so nice to hear/read you again! And what a beautiful sneak-peak! I can imagine, there's still a lot to do for you...I changed my places a lot of times during my live, but never with child/ren, except the change of our appartement in the same house.
Hugs from Austria

Jane L said...

Love the blue vase with the white hydrangea. Old suitcase looks great !

Laura said...

I love these corners of your home you chose to share! And that crochet-topped pouf is so pretty : ) Hope you are settling in well, xo Laura

Andrew said...

Such much progress - I mightn't recognise the place from a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to visiting!

Fenny Setiawan said...

Hi Nina, I am so happy that finally you back at your blog. I miss you. And so sorry only visited you today. It has been a while :0. And I am glad that you are more settle now. Lovely home too :).

Madeth said...


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