Thursday 28 July 2011

Inspiring Interiors

How is your week going my friends? The summer has disappeared for good it seems and the temperatures feel more like autumn. 

I still haven't managed to finish the bag tutorial that I promised you last week so instead I want to share some inspiring interiors that I stumbled upon over the past few weeks and that I keep being drown to wanting to absorb every little detail.

This beautiful lounge above belongs to Anita Schytte who is the sales manager for TineK Home in Denmark. Holly Becker over on decor8 featured Anita's home a while ago, go here for the full house tour.
I like how this lounge is all about contrast - black wall and dark floors against the white sofa and ceiling, rough wooden stools against soft velvet cushions. I also like the bright reflection in the mirror above the sofa.

I am utterly in love with this space, white floors, black sofa, mix of chairs and this delightful vintage table along with a fun and eclectic mix of cushions - perfection. (Image via sköna hem - photo Mette Helena Rasmussen)

This danish home by designer Rikke Juhl Jensen  is filled with wonderful ideas and inspiration - the carefully selected accessories really stand out agains the very neutral interior. I like the mix of materials and pops of colour. How adorable is that grey/blue side table (top left) and the mustard yellow sofa in the kitchen? (Images via Bolig photos: Frederikke Heiberg)

This lovely kids room was created by Belinda Graham over at thehappyhome blog. Belinda is a mother of tree, freelance writer and keen home decorator/renovator. She's a great source of inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed my little collection of images. Anything you liked in particular? 



Jane L said...

All lovely but I specially like those cushions and the grey/blue side table.The white lamp is beautiful. If I was little I might find those silhouettes behind my cot a bit spooky! xx

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