Monday 1 August 2011

Summer Bag - Sewing Tutorial

As promised, I am bringing you a sewing tutorial for a simple summer bag. I was inspired by this Jil Sander bag and thought it should be pretty easy to make one using some blue and white IKEA fabric I had left over. I hope the tutorial is easy enough to follow. You don't need to follow the measurements exactly - if your stripes are a little wider or narrower than mine, just go by what looks good. 

(images: Nina Lamb)
this pattern is for personal use only and may not be re-produced commercially - Thanks.


Fenny Setiawan said...

Nina, this DIY instruction is easy to follow and very clear instruction. Well done! and I would love to try it (finger cross with my sewing skill). Oh and I love the combination of the blue stripe and red color handle :).

Tesca said...

Die Tasche finde ich super schön, vor allem die Streifen und die Kombi mit dem roten Henkel ist klasse! Dein Tutorial schaue ich mir am Wochenende mal genauer an und vielleicht traue ich mich da mal ran (trotz Anfänger Hemmungen...)
LG Tesca

Jane L said...

What a stylish bag! Love the colours you've used. I would like to try and make one before our Summer arrives !

sansuey said...

I have striped fabric and want to make this today..thank you!
On the "now you join the top parts" part, do I tuck in the raw edges and sew those parts together before going on to the red strap part?

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