Thursday 16 February 2012

Citta Design

I think one of the best things about moving to a new place (or returning after you've been away for a while) is discovering new independent shops and companies that have emerged. New Zealand has always made it pretty easy for people to set up small businesses, compared to Germany. That results in a great range of independent shops and businesses with unique products - particularly in fashion and interiors.

I have recently discovered Citta Design, a home ware and accessories design house based in Auckland, New Zealand. Each new collection takes its inspiration from far away places and allows us to bring some of the flair, textures and colors of those particular destinations into our home.

Their current collection has a South American Influence. I really like the fresh color palette that will bring a hint of exotic vibrancy to any home - Viva Cuba!

Above is a selection of my favorite products in their range, don't they give you an instant summery feel? 
For their full range and list of retailers you can go here or visit their blog for great inspiration and updates.


(images: Citta Design)


Jane L said...

I couldn't resist the blue cushion and found one discounted in a very popular department store sale today !

Kiwi said...

Waaaaaaaaaaah ich habe dich eben bei Joanna gesehen. Du lebst in Neu Seeland? Wie lange schon? Wie findest du es? Wie war die Umstellung?
Wir träumen schon sehr lange von Neu Seeland ( seit wir dort waren)
Allerdings ist bei uns die Wahrscheinlichkeit das wir einen Auslandsaufenthalt ( von der Arbeit meines Mannes aus) eher in den USA bekommen. Was ich seeeeeeeehr schade finde!!

Liebe Grüße Kiwi die öfter kommen wird!!

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