Tuesday 7 February 2012

Last night I went for a walk down to the beach and had some time to let my thoughts drift. 
I am often asked what life is like being back here in New Zealand. I don't think my happiness has ever been directly tied to one place or another. Life is busy and most of the time we go about our day to day business and we don't consider our surroundings too much. Then you get those moment when you feel a deep connection to a place - and for a short time your life is perfect and beautiful because of where you are right at that moment. I love the ocean and living so close to it fills me with happiness.   

I don't think I will ever get used to this view from our new home - it feels like a reward for the heartache of not having my family and close friends nearby. Obviously it also helps in luring people in to coming to stay with us - that's if they don't mind the occasional jolt. New Zealand was always known for it's adrenaline sports - now you just have to sit around and wait for a decent earthquake to get your heart rate up :-)



kiki said...

Hi Nina,
der Blick ist ein Traum! Ich würde auch gerne dichter am Meer wohnen, Wir fahren sooft es geht an die Nordsee, aber so direkt vor der Tür ist schon was besonderes! Haben gerade Besuch von einem freund, der 1 Jahr in N.Z. gelebt hat und noch sehr davon schwärmt! Der Abschied von Familie und Freunden wäre mir auch schwer gefallen.
Ganz liebe Grüße aus deiner alten Heimat,

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