Saturday 19 March 2011

Book Review: Decorate by Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick

Today I want to share with you my most recent book purchase: Decorate by Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick. I am very excited to finally own this long awaited gem of a decorating book.

I reviewed the book on Amazon UK (I had it on pre-order but they are shipping now)) this morning and here are my thoughts:

My first impression was that this is a book of substance; at 288 pages it is not one that can be looked through in one afternoon. The quality of the cover and pages is high and I was particularly impressed by the many beautiful quoted by leading designers and stylists that run though the book. Photographer Debi Treloar has once again captured beautiful spaces in an effortless way – she understands how to maximise light and bring out the essence of interiors.

The book is perfect for people who are starting off with a blank canvas or those simply wanting to update their space. It is a reference book and you simply won’t be able to read through it without coming away with lots of ideas, big or small to execute in your own home.

Decorate is filled with advice from leading design experts around the world yet it has a very approachable tone thanks to the wonderful writing style of writers Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick.
The book is broken down into four sections:
  1. Space Matters – a planning section that encourages you to take stock of what you have and what you assess your design needs to be. It has useful tips and illustrates points clearly through case studies. Floor plans are used throughout the book to illustrate furniture placements.
  2. Setting your Style - this section helps you define your unique style. It talks about where to find inspiration. I particularly love the section on creating mood boards. It is not only visually beautiful but very helpful to anyone wanting to create their own. This section then goes into various design styles (simple, natural, modern, flea market, colourful, floral, eclectic, modern glamour). Each style is illustrated by a home that represents that style as well as 10 guidelines/tips to achieve that look and feel.
  3. Room by Room – this is a very practical section in that it has lots of very useful tips in planning each room of the house. Kitchen design, furniture selection and placement, storage solutions and creating functional work spaces are only a few of the topics covered in great detail.
  4. Attention to Detail – this final section talks about the finishing touches and home accessories that make all the difference.

What makes this book stand out from so many of the interior books I own is that it doesn’t simply show beautiful interiors that seem unachievable to many, but guides you through the process of creating your own space that reflects who you are.  It is filled to the brim with ideas and inspirations and doesn’t follow just one particular style or design aesthetic. 

This book will be one that I know I will refer to for years to come as it doesn’t follow current trends but encourages an individual approach to decorating a home that is timeless and unique to you.

For release dates in your country please visit Holly Becker's blog here and here.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


(image: Nina Lamb)


Jennie Prince said...

You are so lucky, Nina! I went to Anthropologie on Thursday but they didn't have the book in stock yet. Fingers crossed I will get my little fingers on one before the April release date in the states. Happy reading this weekend!

Unknown said...

Great I can't wait even more, to have my own copy!

Angela Steyn said...

Hi Nina,

You lucky duck having a copy already!!! It looks sensational and I can't wait to get mine.

Thanks for popping over to my blog and saying hi.

Angela x

Unknown said...

Hi Nina
I came across after Holly mentioned your blog on Fb.
You have written it so beautifully, I'm eagerly awaiting my copy from Amazon uk now. Thanks for letting me know how good it's going to be :)
Kat x

Mirjams Atelier said...


I am a BYW student too. After reading this article i can't wait to order the book!
Great job, Mirjam

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