Tuesday 15 March 2011

Majorca holiday

No, I have not changed sides from the Scandinavian to the Mediterranean team. Below are a couple of shots I took on our short holiday to Majorca. It was a rather spontaneous trip and we only just got back this afternoon. I thought I would quickly sign in to say hello as I haven't been online all week.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how pretty the Island is. When thinking of Majorca I had the perception of crowded beaches with drunken teenagers on one side and hordes of retirees on the other. 
There certainly is that aspect, but you can find some really beautiful spots off the beaten track. 

I love spending time as a family when on holiday and particularly seeing my husband wind down from his job to really enjoy the boys' company.

We purchased some beautiful art prints in a remote little village - I will share those with you as soon as I have them framed. 


(images: Nina Lamb)


Tesca said...

Lovely pictures, make me want to hop on a plane to Majorca and enjoy the sun. I really like the island especially in February, March when the cherry trees bloom and all the little villages are so pretty. Have you been to the market in Arta or Pollenca? They're really nice...

See you in BYW class. Cheers


Angela Steyn said...

Hi there - just found your blog via BYW and it's really lovely! I adore your photos from your holiday.

Wicker & Stitch

Unknown said...

Good you had a nice time off with hubby and the little lambs ;-) Photos are beautiful! Hey, I found another cool site with DIY ideas. Check it out: http://www.designspongeonline.com/category/diy-projects

Hope to see you soon! Love, Steph

Jennie Prince said...

The photos are lovely and it looks like such a great place to unwind with the family. =)

Iris (Irideeën) said...

Oh wow, taking a short break can be so great, especially in winter time (although it is supposed to be spring now). And these pictures make me long for our holiday in France this summer!!!!!
Hugs, Iris

Arianna said...

wow gorgeous photos :)

Allison Garrison said...

Your little snipits of Majorca are beautiful. I was there many years ago and hopefully will be back one day.

I'm a fellow BYW student. Nice to meet you and wonderful blog!

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