Thursday 17 March 2011

Lovely Interiors

Thank you very much for visiting me today. It is such a great feeling to know that this little blog project of mine is growing and I now have people who actually read my posts :-) I started writing this blog simply because I wanted to have something that was just mine when so much of my life evolves around being a wife and mother. Today I feel a bit overwhelmed by everything that is going on right now - globally and personally so I wanted to take you on a little tour through some beautiful homes... my way of zoning out for a while.

I hope you enjoy the spaces - I certainly take lots of inspiration from them. I think every room -although obviously styled for the shoot is perfectly accessible even on a smaller budget.



Jennie Prince said...

Nina, I adore every single image...especially the last image. I want to have breakfast every morning in that kitchen. Just adorable. =)


Unknown said...

Haha...Jennie wrote exactly what I wanted to. :)
I like the feel of that place!

melissa said...

All those shots look so fresh and clean and bright - such beautiful light. Thanks for sharing.


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