Tuesday 8 March 2011

Sewing Area

I have been really busy these last couple of days with my blogging course, carnival and preparations for our holiday. That's all very exciting and fun though so I am not complaining.

Since our little one moved out of our bedroom about 6 months ago we've had this empty space that's not really used for anything other than collecting clutter. It's a little nook under the ceiling - almost perfect for a walk in wardrobe but don't get me started on that ;-). Anyway, I am planning to make this my sewing corner. My current desk out on our landing is barely big enough for my laptop and I have been missing an area where I can set up my machines and really spread out.

Do you have a specific sewing/crafting area in your house?

Below are some images that inspire me.


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sewing corner inspiration
3. sorry, I don't have the source for this
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Jennie Prince said...

A sewing corner just for you, that's great! I'm adoring your inspirations. Have fun planning. =)

Nina - Living In said...

Thanks Jennie!

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