Monday 21 February 2011

DIY Projects

Hi Everyone, great to have you visiting today. I am heading into the new week full of energy. The weekend was wonderfully relaxing. My husband got back on Saturday night and I surprised him with a special dinner. I made him some homemade mince pies - I know you'll think that's a bit odd for a romantic meal but I knew he would be super happy about my little surprise. He misses good old New Zealand pies and I hardly get around to making them. I had filled the room with candles and we had a nice bottle of Australian red wine.

I spent Sunday cutting up my husbands old jeans and turning them into cool little harem pants for the boys. I think worn denim looks much better than new fabric.

I really want to get some DIY projects done before spring arrives - will that ever happen? I have been inspired by the following projects.

(image: via desire to inspire)

I love driftwood lamps. They give a room a nice warm beachy feel - just the right thing in grey-old Germany. The only problem I'll have is getting my hands on the driftwood. Might have to make a 3 1/2 hour trip to the Dutch coast.

Currently I have a huge world map poster in the boys room but I think a painted world map or even wall sticker would look nicer. Less educational value but more style - mmmhhh

(image: Warren Heath via decor8)

Holly over on decor8 blogged about photographer Warren Heath a while ago and I adored the polaroid heart installation. It's a very cool way of displaying family photographs - another project for the boys room. 

I think these projects aren't too ambitious for the moment and I'll keep you posted with my progress.



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