Friday 4 February 2011

Swedish dream home

Yay it's Friday. It's been another miserably cold winter day and I couldn't help but reminisce about our summer holiday to Sweden last August. I adore Sweden. Not only is the countryside beautiful but I love the simple clean design esthetic that is evident all over. Scandinavian interiors fascinate me and I couldn't help in buying loads of interior magazines - never mind not understanding a word in them. There was one feature in Hus & Hem magazine that has remained one of my all time favourites.

Let's take a look inside shall we?

I have been thinking of purchasing an old sewing machine table here in Germany and taking it back to New Zealand. You can pick them up quite cheaply here. I particularly like this one with its glass top.

Ahhh where do I start. This room to me is near perfection. Having a plain canvas to work with is key -white walls, white floors but then the nice wooden beams add character. I love how the cowhide, cushions and sheepskin ad warmth to an otherwise cool interior.

A mix of art on narrow shelves makes for an eclectic gallery that can easily be changed and rearranged - always good when you're like me and you like mixing things up a bit. Letters are so in right now and even though I can't quite get my head around them they work really well in this arrangement.

Yes, white kitchens are a must for me but how about spicing them up a bit with some brightly coloured
bar stools? The industrial style black lamps are a big favourite of mine. The old wooden clock makes me wonder if my husband's cuckoo clock wouldn't work equally well (more to that in another post).

Bedrooms to me must be tranquil and toothing, without too much colour and clutter (I wish!). After a hectic day I need to retrieve to my calm haven. This bedroom makes me want to grab a book and snuggle up in one of those chairs.

Essential to a clutter free bedroom would have to be a walk in wardrobe as I am incapable of keeping my clothes off the floor - that though is a distant dream.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

(images: Hus & Hem)


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