Wednesday 2 February 2011


So I am finally taking the plunge into the blog world. I have been following mainly interior design blogs for quite some time now and my inspirational & ideas folder on my computer is taking on astronomical proportions. 

This blog will mainly be my personal creative outlet but I hope to inspire others along the way.

Interior decorating and design will be my main focus but I am also very interested in fashion and art. I believe they are all interconnected and influence each other.

Having access to so many interior magazines, blogs and of course books is fantastic but it can also lead to a certain restlessness – at least for me. I constantly am inspired and feel like changing my surroundings all the time. It’s always been that way for me. Even as a young girl I would rearrange my bedroom almost every week and mum struggled to locate the bed when walking into the room every morning. My life up until now has been a rather nomadic one, in the last 10 years alone I have moved house 10 times. The upside of that is never getting bored with a home but having the opportunity to start with a more or less blank canvas all the time.

Currently we are on a “Germany” adventure and will be here until the end of this year before returning home to New Zealand. “Home” in this case is where we store the majority of our belongings (furniture, books etc).

Life as a mother of two boys (1 1/2 and 3) certainly keeps me busy but I love being at home while they are young and I never tire of creating a happy home for them.

images: Nina Lamb


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